Sally Hansen Miracle Gel System in Truffle Shuffle First Impression

sally hansen miracle gel

Summer. The toes are out, the skin is poppin….everything is on ten. As such, we can’t be caught out here with crusty looking nails! Speaking purely from a college student standpoint, I’m interning: I’m on an intern budget. I don’t have $30 or more to pop on a gel manicure every two weeks. So? Seek a cheaper solution. In comes the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish.

I wandered into CVS last week to find the Simple Micellar Cleansing Water, which I of course didn’t find (but did end up finding this past weekend), and ended up walking out with a bunch of items that I did not need. One of which happened to be the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish system. I got the colour 150 “Truffle Shuffle” (Step 1), and 101 “Top Coat” (Step 2) which seals everything.

Here is a picture of the polishes freshly applied:

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish in Truffle Shuffle


  • Wide Brush: Allows for good control and dispersion of the polish. Especially good for people who are still shaky with using their opposite hand to paint their nails. The brush was basically able to cover my whole nail in one swipe (but my nails are also narrow).
  • Opaque Colour: Only needed one coat of polish, though I did put two out of habit. The polish itself however isn’t extremely thick, so it doesn’t glob all over your nails or take forever to dry.
  • Drying: Both the colour and the top coat took about a minute to dry each. These dry REALLY fast. I would still advise those of you who are using this to let it dry a little more out of caution. I know I always manage to mess up my nails no matter how long I let them dry!


  • None at the moment honestly.

After a week, I’ll check back in to see how this polish is performing in regard to sheen, chipping, and wear.

Have you used this polish before? What are some other good gel nail polishes?




6 thoughts on “Sally Hansen Miracle Gel System in Truffle Shuffle First Impression

  1. I didn’t have much luck with this product! I bought the pale blue colour and the necessary top coat, and after about three days, it got sticky and horrible. Stuff like lint and dirt began to stick to my nails – it looked terrible! Maybe I got a bad bottle… :o(

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