#WebWednesday| My morning at Caravan Stylist Studio

caravan stylist studio

It’s the middle of the week thank gawd! I hope everyone’s week has been great so far.

It has been exactly one week since I visited Caravan Stylist Studio for their Girl in the City event, which you can read about here. If you don’t feel like clicking the link, it was basically a chance to mingle with other female interns in fashion realm, those interning in the beauty industry and other creative industries, as well as beauty and fashion bloggers all while learning great tips and tricks about skincare, makeup, and hair.

The day was broken up into three separate sessions: “Barefaced Beauty; Natural and Clean,” “Go to Summer Beauty Bag,” and “Braids and Buns.” I chose the first session, “Barefaced Beauty,” as I am looking for all kinds of ways to make my routine as quick and natural as possible during the school year. Classes, work, and extracurricular activities? No time for a beat face!

The sessions were hosted in Caravan’s studio located in the Gregory Hotel NYC, a boutique hotel that just opened this year I believe, in the Garment District in Manhattan.

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I arrived about 10 minutes early, so 9:20 A.M., and waited in the lobby. At 9:30, I made my way to the second floor where their studio was located. After stepping inside, we were greeted by members of the Caravan team, as well as the current interns, all of whom were very kind 🙂 We were each handed a bag of products with items from the brands they sponsor. Below are just a couple of the items I received. I’ll have a gallery of items at the end of the post so you can check them out at your leisure!

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 6.33.36 PM
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After we were all seated and settled, we were introduced to everyone, and Valerie, the beauty director of Caravan took over. First, she had us go around and talk about our current skincare routines (what we use – cleansers, moisturizers, sunscreens, etc…). In between each of us sharing our routines, she would make suggestions on how to tweak products and the like to better suit our skin, as well as discuss general skincare tips.

For example, she recommended taking a look at Lift Lab Skin Care, one of the brands they partner with, as their products are top quality and deliver fantastic results. She herself swears by them. She also recommended Cetaphil moisturizer for the face, as it is very gentle and is suitable for most skin types. She stressed the importance of serums, and a few different types for different skin care needs (discoloration/brightening, smoothing, etc…). She also discussed incorporating eye creams into our skin care routines, as that area can be very prone to wrinkling since the skin is so thin and there are no oil glands in the area. A little bit goes a long way since the skin around the eye draws in the product exactly where it needs to be. The sensitivity of this area was emphasized, so she said that it’s important to apply the creams with the ring finger (since it applies with the least amount of pressure). It is important not to apply too much cream, as applying too much can cause eye infections and/or clog up your tear ducts.

After that, we went around and discussed our skin types and other skin concerns. In between each sharing, Valerie suggested products that could be used (or taken away) to maximize the benefits to our skin. For example, for some of the girls who stated that their skin was more sensitive, she recommended that any exfoliating be kept to once or twice a week, and only during the night. Any more than that can cause micro abrasions to the skin, and interrupt the healing that the skin does at night. Exfoliating too much with too harsh of an exfoliant does not allow the skin to repair itself in an adequate time frame, thus you make it more prone to issues. For me specifically, since I discussed problems with mild hyper-pigmentation (especially considering that I have darker skin), she recommended that I look into a vitamin C serum for brightening. She recommended a rice based exfoliator since it is more gentle.

Interspersed between these suggestions were small displays of products (which I’ll put below). One of the ones that caught my attention was the Foreo, a skincare device by Luna. For the sake of brevity (which I have already breached – oops), you can click the hyperlink to read more about it. I think I will be investing in one though. The benefits of this product over a product like the Clarisonic, for example, intrigued me.

All in all, I learned a lot about how to properly take care of the skin so that you not only provide a good base for makeup application and ensure that it looks great, but in the long run you look #flawless as you age.





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