BH Cosmetics Liquid Foundation Review (Brown Skin Friendly)


Hello everyone. I apologize for not posting at all these last few weeks, I was sick with a bad stomach bug and could not find the energy to write anything. I’m feeling much better now though, and have lots of ideas for the upcoming weeks 🙂

This Monday, I want to take some time out to talk about the BH Cosmetics liquid foundation. I mentioned it here in a haul I did of all BH Cosmetics products for a sale they were having. It was only $2.95, so I didn’t think I would have anything to lose since this doesn’t break the bank at all.

The foundation, along with the other products, arrived during the standard 4-6 business day window, so the timing was good.

Here are the claims for the foundation:

Our new Complexion Collection of Liquid Foundation provides medium-to-full-coverage for soft, flawless looking skin. The unique formula is light-weight, and provides a long-lasting finish for daily or professional studio wear. Our Liquid Foundation comes in 12 shades. For easy application, use with our Foundation Brush! 0.85oz/25.14ml.
  • Packaging| The foundation comes in a glass bottle with a pump. The design is very simple, and not cheap looking despite the inexpensive price. The pump works nicely, and allows for a very controlled dispersion of product. The only thing that was a bit odd to me was the fact that this foundation doesn’t come with the standard 1 fl. oz. of product that basically all liquid foundations do. It was only $3 though so I can’t complain too much.
  • Smell| If you are sensitive to scents, I would test this first before wearing it for a full day or any extended period of time. The smell of the foundation isn’t anything overbearing, but it does remind me very much of hand soap. Very much.
Now, for the actual claims made by BH Cosmetics:
  • Medium to Full Coverage| On my skin, I am able to achieve medium to full coverage without it looking cakey, though the coverage stays closer to the medium coverage end of the spectrum. For people with more hyperpigmentation, or other skin problems, you may only be able to achieve medium coverage at best.
  • Soft, Flawless looking skin| My skin does look very flawless (or near to it) when I have this on without looking too artificial. It gives the skin a nice, healthy look. I like the finish of this foundation overall.
  • Lightweight| It is very lightweight. I don’t really feel this on the skin despite layering.
  • Long-lasting finish| I have combination/oily skin, with my T zone producing most of the oil after a few hours. When I set this with powder, and top it off with a finishing spray, I get a good 6 hours or so of wear.
MY ONLY PROBLEM: The shade I got is a taaaaad too dark, or too red undertoned for me. My only issue is that I think going a shade up will be too light/yellow for me. I’ll probably try using my Cover FX Custom Cover drops (which I’ll review soon! – I love them by the way) to see if that improves the colour.
All in all, considering the price, I’d give this foundation a 4/5.
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4 thoughts on “BH Cosmetics Liquid Foundation Review (Brown Skin Friendly)

  1. I have never tried a BH Cosmetics foundation before. I heave heard good and bad things about it. That’s too bad that the color didn’t match you! I’ll stay tuned for your Cover FX Custom Cover drops review. I am really interested in that product!

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