May 2015 Favorites

finally friday

Happy Friday everyone! This has been my first week home since finishing up my second year at school, and I must say, I’m very happy to be home. This semester has been very stressful both academically and socially, and it definitely took its toll at one point. I was able to bounce back from that, however, and the rest of the semester brought me a period of immense personal growth, plenty of happiness, and many things falling into place. I’m extremely excited to see how things work out moving forward from here, and I hope to reach a point where I’m comfortable enough sharing this journey with you all 🙂

Anyway, not much has gone on since I’ve left school, so this post is going to be relatively short and sweet. It’s just going to showcase three of my favourite things from this week.

1) Victoria’s Secret After Midnight Aphrodisiac Mood Candle| Before you say anything, I won this candle at a raffle at Victoria’s Secret last year when I was at the mall one weekend at school. I did not go out and buy an aphrodisiac candle. Even if I did, who cares? Anyway, I’ve had this candle since October 2013 or so, and literally never burned it because I always had it at school and I didn’t want to get written up. I recently rearranged my stuff and moved it to a different area of the house, and since I kind of have my own little space now I decided to burn it while I was relaxing. It smells SO good! It doesn’t have a very overpowering scent at all. It subtly diffuses through the room while it’s burning, but it doesn’t really linger after. It has a mild perfumy smell…I can’t really put my finger on the smell…..but trust me it’s good! And it’s so cute!


I’m not sure if they sell candles regularly? I haven’t really seen them anywhere else except for the mall by my school, and that was only one other time. I can’t seem to find a link online to any except on ebay. Are they a permanent thing? Please let me know I want to buy more of these >.<

2) Omelettes| I’ve been in the mood for omelettes lately when it comes to breakfast, and my go to has been a spinach and cheese one. I usually take a handful and then some of baby spinach, add a bunch of spices and such to it, then mix it in with my eggs, and start cooking. Once I get one side cooked, I flip so the other side can cook as well, then I add my cheese, and voila! I think they’re pretty good, and so does my little sister 🙂


3) Strappy Sandals| I mentioned here in this #WebWednesday that I have a thing for sandals, and strappy ones in particular. I was shopping with one of my friends and happened to be wearing a very uncomfortable pair of shoes. I decided to go to Forever 21 to find an inexpensive pair of shoes I could change into until I was able to go home. I was a bit discouraged as I looked around because it looked like everyone took all of the good shoes, and then I stumbled upon these! They were a size 8 though, so I put them back on the shelf. I was about to leave the store, but then I decided to just give it a go (I wear a size 9/9.5). It was worth it, as they fit perfectly, and were under $20! I swear I’ve worn these just about every day since I got them. They’re surprisingly sturdy, and very nice. I would recommend them. If you’d like to buy them, or get a better look, here’s the link to them on Forever 21’s website:


Well, that’s it until Monday 🙂 Have a great weekend everyone!


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