Danger: Milk of Magnesia for Oily Skin

Makeup monday

Hello all! This Makeup Monday I just wanted to share a quick video I came across. As someone who suffers from oily skin at times, I’m always looking for a good fix to keep my makeup in place. I’ve tried a few primers, and some setting sprays without much success, but never really ventured into the whole Milk of Magnesia trend. I used to see lots of videos where people used it on their faces before applying their makeup, and it helped everything stay in place for the day. The logic behind it made sense, but before finally giving it a try, I decided to look up a few things to make sure this was actually okay. Low and behold, it was too good to be true. Here, Youtube user bbeautymarkd, a licensed esthetician (I believe) discusses the too good to be true trend of using MOM as face primer.

Sorry to my oily skinned folks!

Post your thoughts below!


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