#WebWednesdays| SZA, Buns, “I’d rather be at Coachella”


Back with #WebWednesdays everyone! This week, the things that caught my eyes the most were (as you can see from the title): SZA, first lady of TDE, buns (hair – don’t be nasty), and who wasn’t keeping an eye on Coachella in some capacity earlier this week?

S Z A 


I’ve been following SZA for about a year and a half now, and I love her! Her voice is amazing, her music has a dope chill vibe to it, and she’s gorgeous. I don’t care whether her hair and freckles are fake, I love her. Don’t come to me with any of that hating crap lol.

b u n s 

sleek low bun

Lily Aldridge – Rooney Mara

I’ve also been a fan of the sleek low bun this week. I used to style my hair a lot, but over time I got lazy. Plus, I’ve noticed that the less I do with my hair, the more it grows. My go to style is usually this style of bun, also called the “Flamenco Bun” since it’s simple, elegant, and doesn’t go out of style. I love the fact that I can wear this style on a regular day to go to class, and not have to change a single thing if I want to go out in the evening. It’s professional enough to wear during the day, and simple yet sultry for the evening.

c o a c h e l l a 

Spring 2015

1 – 234

I sat around pissed as I watched the Coachella Snapchat story this past week. I can only hope to go to one day (I’m gonna make it happen). It’s the king of all music/arts festivals, and it attracts everyone from celebrities to your next door neighbor. I’m infatuated by the loose fits, the fringe, and the cool hairstyles. I would love to just experience the music, the fashion, and the art. I’ve mostly been paying attention to the styles of #Coachella2015, but there’s so much more to look at.

If any of you went please comment below! I’d love to hear about it.

See you all on Friday!


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