MIRROR, MIRROR ON THE WALL| A self esteem piece by Cristina Nika Kask

TGIF 🙂 This Friday, we’re doing things a little differently! Cristina, who wrote this great guest post about Marsala, the Pantone colour of the Year, has returned to grace your screens with yet another thoughtful post. This one is definitely worth a read, as it is relates to something we have all struggled with at some point or another – self esteem. Enjoy!

Mirror, mirror on the wall

A woman’s best makeup is her self esteem. If you are not happy with your look, your overall mood will be down, which will reflect on your facial expression, and you’ll be sending signals of unhappy and therefore undesirable woman.


What do you feel when you look in the mirror? Are you disappointed and insecure? Worried about opinions of other people? Do you think you are not pretty as you should be, skinny enough or you don’t have breasts that are big and sexy? Those are classical symptoms of low self-esteem which can cause big difficulties in your life.

You are not alone

With all the pressure to look perfect, women are facing low self-esteem problem and they are submitted to evaluating their self-worth based on their appearance. It may be because, trough history and in the media, women’s bodies and faces are objectified. Even red carpet stars sometimes don’t feel good about themselves, and that is pointing out to us how serious this problem is, and that almost no one can go through without facing it.



America’s favorite, Kim Kardashian has also faced insecurities. Hanging out with ten younger and taller top models, she remembered the discomfort she had while growing up and being the curvy girl in a world of skinny top models.

It’s all about the attitude

Shut up that inner voice that is telling you:”You are not good enough, not pretty enough. You are not one of the hot girls.” Find corresponding positive contraries for your negative thoughts. For instance, you can replace: “You are not thin enough” with “You’ve got cleavage to die for”.

Be thankful for your body and face. Don’t take anything as a done job, if you think something on you is making you feel unhappy, why not change it if you can’t love it? If your skin isn’t soft enough hydrate it, if you think you are not skinny as you should be, a little exercise could solve that problem, if you think your nose is irreparably big and bumpy, heck, do a rhinoplasty. Most important is to be happy and satisfied.

Surgery as a way to boost your self-esteem

Plastic surgery should not be regarded as a way to solve problems of self-worth and self-appreciation, and if viewed like that it will most definitely not be a solution. But going under the knife, sometimes has that kind of results. A simple yet modest breast augmentation can provide women with a higher sense of content. But, interventions like these are not cure for every woman self-esteem problem.


(Vanity Fair Magazine, Feb. 2009)

There are many women who don’t know how be satisfied with their looks, no matter the “fixings”, and that reflects deeper psychological issues which should be treated elsewhere. But, studies have shown that women who opt for plastic surgery just for physical improvements can have a very positive experience.

Love your mirror reflection

In the end, the most important thing is that you are able to look at your mirror reflection and feel joy when you do it. To rise above years of not feeling happy with your looks may be difficult, but once you learn to love yourself, every step of the way will be a feather easy.

Image credit: (photo 1) http://deadgirls.tumblr.com/post/48207036492

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