Easy Simple Stripes Nail Design

Hey everyone, this is a nail post I back in the end of January. It’s really simple, as most of my designs are since I don’t have tons of time to really do the kinds of designs I want. I’m hoping to change that soon, but for now, here you are! 🙂

PicMonkey Collage nails stripes

1) Apply your base colour| Note: before this, I applied a clear base since I hate when my nails get stained from polish, and I think that base coats help your polishes apply much more smoothly. Base colour: Wet n Wild Craze nail polish in 231 Shield

2) Paint thin stripes in diagonal and chevron patterns| I used a bottle of black nail art polish (L.A. Beauty is the brand I believe) to create different stripe patterns on each nail

3) Add an accent to one (or all nails) depending on preference| I went in with a silver nail art polish on my ring finger to accent those stripes

4) Apply top coat| I don’t have a legitimate top coat at the moment, so I used my matte nail polish from NYC. I always try to make sure to apply a top coat after I finish painting my nails so that the longevity of the manicure is increased. Plus, you can achieve all kinds of finishes with different top coats (high shine, regular, matte, etc…)

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