Colourpop Cosmetics Budget College Student Haul

I knew the time would come when I finally cracked and bought something from Colourpop Cosmetics, I just didn’t think I would crack this soon…

YouTube made me do it!

As with most cases, I found myself browsing Youtube and started watching a video by one of my other favourite Youtubers, Makeupgameonpoint (Jackie). In it, she highlights some great eyeshadows for chocolate complected women (and men!)

I got bored, and ended up on two of the sites frequently mentioned: Colourpop and MakeupGeek. I added all the eyeshadows mentioned in the video, and then some, but then I realized I had to calm down. I said I was going to better my finances this year, so I “X’d” out of MakeupGeek’s website and promised I’d be back another time.

Onto Colourpop…

If you sign up to their email list, you get $5 off your order, plus, shipping is free after you have $30 worth of items.


Did that.

I got items for $30! 6 eyeshadows, and one of their Lip Pencils. Here they are! The product pictures from the website will be on the left, mine will be in the middle, and my Colourpop swatches will be on the right for comparison purposes. I’ll have them all swatched at the end:

The items come in a simple cardboard box like this:


But when you open it, it’s really cute! Plus, they include a handwritten note, instructions on how best to use the product, as well as other little tidbits of advice:

IMG_0413 IMG_0414 IMG_0415

I think that’s a really nice touch 🙂

Now, the colours:


Erotic – “Super neon candy apple red with sparkling pink and copper glitter. Let your freak flag fly with this baby. Totally x-rated, makeup junkie certified.


Sunnies – “Juicy vibrant orange with a satin finish. Eye popping fun shade for frolicking frisky flair.”


Hammered – “Get turnt up with a smoky olive with tons of gold glitter and a soft sprinkle of multi-colored sparkles in a metallic finish – or at least know you won’t ever get turnt down while wearing it.”


Ibiza – “Bright turquoise with a silver and gold duo chrome finish. A party look must have, perfect for island hopping.”


Too Shy – “Electric neon cobalt blue packed with violet, aqua, silver glitter with a magenta flash. This shade is anything but shy, it’s supercharged electrified blue on crack”


Envy – “Black saturated with violet glitter, Trust us, those bitches will be jelly.”


Pitch Pencil – “Not to be confused with b**ch, this rich blackened chocolate brown pencil is practically perfect.”



Top picture: (left to right) Erotic, Sunnies, Hammered, Too Shy, Envy; (bottom) Pitch
Bottom picture: (top) Ibiza

I’m going to save my first impressions of these products for another post for length purposes, but let’s just say I’m impressed and I’m going to have to restrain myself from ordering more stuff.

What’s your favourite product?

Look out for my first impressions in the next week or so!



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