Face and Skin Favorites: Jan 2015

Disclaimer: I lost my previous draft of this, so I hope I have all the details written down here correctly!

With that being said, this is the last installment of my January favourites! It’s been an interesting month of trying and buying, and I’m excited to play around more in the things I’ve acquired. Moving along…



➳ Black Radiance True Complexion BB Cream in Coffee Glaze: One of my biggest searches this break was a good BB cream that did not make my skin look ashy/actually had shades I could consider. In comes this BB cream. By the time this posts, my little “purchase” post probably will not have published, but it’s alright. I snagged this from CVS for about $8 and some change including tax. I was a bit upset after visiting Target because I saw that they sold it for about $3 cheaper. That’s not the point though – I really like this BB cream and think it might replace my whole concealer/powder routine. I like how lightweight this BB cream feels on the skin, as well as how it covers. It doesn’t give a full look (it’s a BB cream so it’s not really supposed to anyway), nor does it cover too sheer (I measure this by seeing how well it conceals my mild dark circles). I like how simple this makes things, and I think this will become a regular purchase (unless I try the Kiss Aqua BB Cream too).



➳ Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus: I got this back in this post. Since then, I’ve been using this day and night. I think gradually it makes my skin look nicer? It just feels smoother overall. I can’t attest to any wrinkle smoothing or anything because…well….I don’t have any. It’s never too late for anti-aging products, so I think this is a nice product. I might try one by Estee Lauder or Lancome or something when I’m not struggling on a college budget.

➳  Raw African Black Soap: I’ve mentioned this before, and I’m just going to say again that this soap has done amazing things for my skin. It keeps blemishes away (when I use it regularly), it doesn’t dry out my skin, and it’s brightened and evened out my skin tone tremendously. Another big plus is that this is a 100% all natural product, so for those of you out there with sensitive skin, this may be a good option to explore. Plus, when you order it off of Amazon like I do, you get a 1 pound bar which can be cut up into smaller pieces for later use (since it’s so soft). I highly recommend this.

➳ Konjac Sponge: My dad got this for me, but I was interested in buying one from when I first saw them in Sephora. This one is much smaller than ones I see there, and I like that. It fits in the hand nicely, and I like how this gently exfoliates my skin. There isn’t really too much to say about it to be honest, it’s just been a nice addition to my skincare routine.

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Keep following to see what ends up in my February favourites!




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