Sigma Dupes: Bestope Brushes Review

Bestope Brushes (2)

I’m here to bring you another brush haul/first impressions.

I ordered these brushes from Amazon (again) because of a misunderstanding with the previous brush order. They are sold by Bestope for $11.59.



All of the brushes


The eye brushes


The face brushes


The cost isn’t bad at all for 8 brushes. I paid the base price of $11.59 plus $3.99 one day shipping. Because of the whole misunderstanding with the previous order, I was told I could order a new set via one day shipping and get the fee waived. The shipping fee wasn’t waived, so I was a little mad about that. If I had known I wasn’t going to get that waived, I would have just gotten it for 2 day shipping with my Amazon Prime, but it’s okay I suppose.


There were no problems with this order, and it came in one day as promised. Ordered Monday January 5, Received Tuesday January 6.

Condition Upon Receipt:

The Brushes

What you receive

You receive 8 brushes that look like the picture above.

There is an angled face brush, a round top kabuki, a flat top kabuki, a pencil brush (face), and a corresponding version of each brush for the eyes (angled, round top, flat top, pencil).


 These come packages similarly to the bamboo set I ordered before, except these come in a plastic bag, not a cloth one.


This is the yellow packaging envelope they come in.


The plastic bag they all come in. This is what you see when you take everything out of the envelope.


Once you take them out of the plastic, each brush is individually wrapped in plastic. I think the individual wrapping was a little better with these brushes as opposed to the bamboo set.

First Impressions:

β—˜ Look: I really like the look of these brushes. It’s nice and simple, but still very clean looking with the black and silver. There are no nicks or pieces out of place, and the ferrule’s are very tight, and nothing seems like it will become undone anytime soon.

β—˜ Feel: These are EXTREMELY soft. The other brushes were soft as well, but these ones feel slightly softer. In addition, these are slightly more dense than the bamboo ones, but not too much. Overall they feel nice, and they aren’t too sparsely packed in terms of the hairs. The eye brushes are very fluffy as well, and I’m excited to use them. There is also no shedding immediately dealing with the brushes out of the pack.

β—˜ Smell: There is a much stronger smell when you first open the packaging, all the way from opening the envelope to actually handling the brushes. Initially I thought it was just the envelope, but after touching the brushes, and then washing them, I’ve determined that the smell is probably coming from whatever glue is used to bind the ferrule and the handle. Once they are washed, the smell fades significantly, but it will probably take another wash to fully get the smell to go away.


I washed these brushes very soon after opening them only because the smell was overwhelming to me after a certain time, and there was still no shedding. Of course I’ll have to see what happens when I start using them, but I’m impressed with the lack of shedding for the price.

Last Thoughts

I’m most excited to use the large pencil brush and angled face brush since I’m trying to practice my contouring and such. With face brushes in general, I like a more natural finish, so I think I’m still going to to find myself using my Beautyblender more. If I’m going out and want more of a flawless finish, then I’d use the face brushes since they apply/pick up more product.

What do you guys think? Would you get these brushes?

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16 thoughts on “Sigma Dupes: Bestope Brushes Review

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    • They’re not doing too bad! On my end, I was a little lazy when washing them a couple times and allowed water to loosen the glue on a couple ferrule’s, causing some wobbliness. Other than that, they’re great!


  2. I’m guilt because I’ve been using the same beat up brushes for the past few year so lol. These price for these brushes fit into my budget so I may be purchasing them soon. Thank you for sharing!!

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