Black Radiance Pressed Powder in Rich Mahogany

I went on a quick run to Target today to pick up a couple of things for returning back to school, and obviously ended up wandering into the makeup aisle.

I was both happy and frustrated to see that they had the brand Black Radiance there. Why? I was happy because I saw that they had the pressed powders I was looking at back when I went to CVS, but I was frustrated because they also had the same BB cream I picked up (and more shades) much cheaper than I paid at CVS. Lesson: Just go to Target next time.

I wanted to try this pressed powder for contouring, among others, after I watched this video by one of my favourite Youtubers Thomasadrianna:

In it, she mentions the Black Radiance pressed powder in Rich Mahogany (about 2:19). Ever since then, I’ve had it at the back of my mind to go get it, I just never saw it anywhere.

Here is the pressed powder:

IMG_0242 IMG_0243

IMG_0244 IMG_0245 IMG_0246

I think it’ll work nicely as a more natural looking contour. I’ll probably look for something else if I’m going for the “slice your finger with my cheekbones” look.

It was $4.99 at Target

In addition to the pressed powder, I also picked up this decorative tin can thing:


I’ve been looking around for a brush holder for the brushes I got here and here (link post). They had a bunch of stuff in that little $1-$3 section by checkout, so I looked in there at what they had. There were some mason jars for the same price as this ($3), but I like for things to look nice, so it would have costed more to get materials to decorate the jar and such, so I just picked this up instead.

I might get another type of brush holder for the eye brushes, just to keep things kind of separate.

What are some of your favourite contour powders? And what do you think of the tin?



2 thoughts on “Black Radiance Pressed Powder in Rich Mahogany

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