Spring 2015 Skin Trends

Warm weather, bright colours, and the fresh smell of flowers…all things to look forward to this coming spring.

What else will be making its debut in Spring 2015? Beautiful skin!

Keep reading to see how this trend will appear in makeup for Spring 2015.

“No Makeup” Makeup

Keep things natural with minimal makeup – light/medium coverage foundation (or even a tinted moisturizer/BB cream) that evens out the skin, yet allows it to breath, no eyeliner/soft brown eyeliner, and light mascara.

hbz-beauty-ss2015-trends-no-makeup-makeup-Tory-Burch-bks-A-RS15-8666-lg hbz-beauty-ss2015-trends-no-makeup-makeup-Chanel-clp-RS15-0407-lg Victoria-Beckham-Spring-2015 Donna-Karan-Spring-2015 Ralph-Lauren-Spring-2015 Jeremy-Scott-Spring-2015 collections-beauty-guide-clean-raw-skin-ohne-titel-rtw-ss2015

collections-beauty-guide-clean-raw-skin-jason-wu-SS-2015 collections-beauty-guide-clean-raw-skin-gucci-rtw-ss-2015 collections-beauty-guide-clean-raw-skin-calvlin-klein-rtw-ss-2015jpg

Sun Kissed & Sweaty?

The bronzed/sun kissed skin is something that’s always “in” in my opinion, and always finds itself on trend lists. What I did find interesting was the desire for a “sweaty” look on Spring 2015 runways. I found that kind of funny. I guess if you’re not going for the post-workout/sweaty skin aesthetic, you could opt for some nice fresh, dewy skin. If you want to replicate the sweat though, go for it haha.

J-Mendel-Spring-2015 Thakoon-Spring-2015

Dannijo-Spring-2015 (1) hbz-beauty-ss2015-trends-bronze-skin-Ralph-Lauren-bks-A-RS15-1101-lg

image sweat-fashion-week

I like the “no makeup” makeup look, and hope to use it as an excuse to buy and try some BB/CC Creams and tinted moisturizers 🙂 Anything you all like/dislike about these trends?


Photo credit:

http://www.vogue.com/, http://www.popsugar.com/

http://www.elleuk.com/, http://www.refinery29.com/


6 thoughts on “Spring 2015 Skin Trends

  1. Hi there! Got your address through doncharisma’s blog so I thought to check and I liked so I’ll surely click the follow button when I’m done commenting.
    I’m not big on makeup cause I like shoes and bags more. I bought a liquid eyeliner during the festive season hoping to achieve your cat eyes but couldn’t how did you do yours?
    Remember I usually don’t wear makeup so a simple cat eye will do for me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. To achieve my cat eye, I begin by creating a line across my lid. It is better to do this by making small strokes and connecting them as you move across the lid (as close to the lashline as possible), since this decreases the room for error. After that, I draw a small line from the end of my top lashline and extend that outward (the steeper you draw the line, the more likely you’ll have to thicken the line on your lid). Once that is complete, I go to the tip of that line and draw a line from there to the line on the lid until it forms a triangle. Once that is drawn on, I fill it in, and then it’s done! If you would like a more visual example, I took some pictures. I could make a quick post if you’d like 🙂 @stylishaffairs


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