New Brushes

I’m severely lacking in the makeup brush area, but I did not/do not have oodles of money to throw for them. I am trying to work on my makeup skills this year, and part of that does include having the proper tools to get that done.

Sooooo, I decided to snoop around the web to try and find a brush set for a fairly inexpensive price. After browsing around, I came across this brush set on



They are sold by Dragonpad for $11.96.


Cost: There wasn’t any additional shipping or tax for this item, so I only paid the listed $11.96. I do also have Amazon Prime, so that affected the outcome of my shipping/tax.

Speed:  I have Amazon Prime, and since this is a Prime eligible item, I was supposed to receive it in two days (Ordered it Friday January 3, delivered it Sunday January 4, but they said they tried to deliver it and it had to be rescheduled – even though I was home all day and was never notified, but whatever – received January 5). No issues with Amazon, I just get annoyed a lot with my post office, but that’s a different story for a different day.

Condition upon receipt: 

The Brushes

What you receive: You receive 11 brushes that look like this


There’s (what looks like) a flat foundation brush, a blush brush, an eye blending brush, a concealer brush, an angled shadow brush, a small eye pencil brush, a small angled liner brush, a fluffy crease brush, a small powder brush, a flat top kabuki brush, and a small flat top kabuki brush.

They come packaged well:

IMG_0086 IMG_0087

They come inside of this yellow packaging envelope. When you open the envelope, there is a plastic bag that contains another cloth bag which contains the actual brushes.


IMG_0089 IMG_0090

The brushes come individually wrapped in plastic, which I like. Don’t mind the two flat top brushes, the plastic came off inside of the cloth bag, but they were wrapped.


First Impressions:

☁ Look: I like the look of the brushes. I think they’re simple, and for the price, they feel sturdy enough. There is one brush that has a slight nick in it, but other than that everything looked fine.

☁ Feel: They feel extremely soft! They’re not as dense as I would like, but again I can’t expect too much for $12. I’d say they’re of light to medium density, with the most dense being the foundation brush, followed by the blush brush, fluffy eyeshadow crease brush, angled eye brush, pencil brush, small angled brush, concealer brush, small powder brush, flat top kabuki, blending brush, and small kabuki brush

☁ Smell: There is a very faint smell in a couple of the brushes that is reminiscent of paint. I think it is residual smell from the bag that they are packaged in, because the smell was much stronger there (but still not very strong at all). It isn’t anything overwhelming, or even noticeable unless you stick your nose in them. It isn’t anything that a wash couldn’t solve.

From just opening them, I’d say that these will be good brushes for the price. They are a decent size, though I wish they could be a little longer, like a half an inch or so. I think the smaller ones in the set are cute though! Again, they are very soft, and I am eager to see how they pick up/spread product.

I’ll give a more formal review after using them for a couple weeks, and after they’ve been washed so I can discuss shedding.

What are some of your favourite brushes? What brushes do you think are worth investing in?



7 thoughts on “New Brushes

  1. I think this is a good set to start off with, I actually purchased something very similar on Amazon and been quite happy with them.


    • Oh okay, that’s good to hear. I’m not used to using makeup brushes since I use my Beautyblender most of the time for my face, and I don’t really wear eyeshadow that often. This should be nice to practice with. Thanks for reading!


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